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In the news - International 
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Man can sue over sex-change op (AUS)

Melbourne - A man who claims he was misdiagnosed as a transsexual will be allowed to sue the medical team that advised him to have a sex change, an Australian appeals court ruled on Friday

Supreme Court Avoids Transsexual Police Officer Case (US)

WASHINGTON (AP)The US Supreme Court is refusing to get involved in the city of Cincinnati's legal battle with a transsexual cop. So, a victory remains in place for Officer Philecia Barnes, who was born Phillip.

Transgender lawyer wins national award (US)

Minter has helped to draft and lobby for innovative new federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender people.

Transsexual Cop Killer To Represent Herself At Sentencing Trial (US)

A transsexual go-go dancer who shot to death two law enforcement officers in a standoff will be allowed to represent herself in an upcoming sentencing trial to determine if she gets the death penalty.

Transsexual insists on going to women's jail (UK)

Denise Martin, one of Ireland's first transsexuals who had a full sex-change operation 22 years ago, faces a prison sentence next month. The slender, 45-year-old bleached blonde could find herself in the all-male top-security Maghaberry jail outside

Transsexual to play in Aus Open (AUS)

Sydney - The first transsexual to enter a pro golf tournament says she has no physical advantages despite being born a man and many top women players hit the ball further than her.

Transsexual wins sex discrimination case against airline (UK)

A transsexual airline worker who was forced from her job by managers who were unhappy with her appearance won her claim of sexual discrimination yesterday.

TS Olympic Victory (CAN)

Dumaresq, 33, broke new ground for transsexual athletes in 2001 by asserting her right to race as a woman. Now the post-operative male-to-female transsexual from Vancouver is the Canadian national champion in the women's downhill discipline.

Validity Of Marriage Where One Spouse Is Transsexual (US)

...stated that all marriage-based immigration petitions would be denied where one spouse "claimed to be transsexual.

Sex Change Doctor Dead At 82

Dr. Stanley Biber, a small-town physician who said he performed more than 4,500 sex change operations in his career, has died, a friend and funeral home owner said. He was 82.

"Sex Op Turned Me Into Girl At Just 17"

A GLAMOROUS college student today reveals how she became the youngest transsexual in Britain. Angel Paris-Jordan was just 17 when she was granted a sex-change op on the NHS.

Transgender Female Arrested For Using Women's Restroom

A phone repair worker who is in transition from male to female said Tuesday that she was arrested three times by transit police in the last six months for using the women's restroom at Grand Central Terminal.

Guatemalan Gays, Transgenderds Victims Of Deadly Attacks

The Guatemalan government is accused of doing little or nothing to stem a growing number of violent attacks on gays and the transgendered. Human Rights Watch, an international organization based in New York, suggests at least some of the violence has been carried out or instigated by police.

Fair housing law gains momentum for passage

The plan, which is being reviewed by the Common Council, also would make it illegal for landlords to discriminate against transsexuals.

Arrested justice: When LGBT people land in jail

Kari Sundstrom, a 41-year-old transgender woman, had been on female hormones for 15 years when, in January, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a law banning hormone treatments or sex reassigment surgery for prison inmates. This meant Sundstrom, incarcerated since 2003, would have to discontinue her hormone therapy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones to take on transgender movie role

Catherine Zeta-Jones HOLLYWOOD, California ? Hot on the heels of Felicity Huffman?s award-winning turn in TransAmerica, Academy Award Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones is rumored to be eying a starring role in an upcoming film about a transgender cabaret performer.

A Prom Night To Remember

"The only thing that Mr. Lofy did wrong was wearing a purse that didn't match the dress and open-toed shoes before Memorial Day," said Madison lawyer Erik Guenther, who will represent Kerry Lofy.

attorney general says gay protections are unconstitutional

It is his intention to continually insist that his management team provide this basic right to gays, straights, lesbians and transgender employees."

Hate crimes bill has a shot

Much of the opposition by legislators had stemmed from listing "sexual orientation" - which included gays, lesbians and transgendered people. Critics also had attacked the measure as trying to punish people for their "thoughts" or motives in a crime.

Transexual Principal for school

Mr. Young declared that his selection came "after a nationwide search for the best possible principal" and that "his/her sexual orientation had nothing to do with his selection. Nevertheless, transgender groups across America applauded his choice, since this also represents the first transgender principal in the nation

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Results: 61 - 80 of 88
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