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Lauren Shipton

Lauren emerged from a teenage labyrinth mired in gender identity issues, while growing up in colonial South Africa during the 1960s. Lauren's SRS was by performed by Dr. Derk Crichton (A famous SRS surgeon in South Africa) She left home and began working as a model in Johannesburg.


Whet offers you a resource and information rich site that whets your appetite for passion as we celebrate sensuality, sexuality and spirituality

Hair transplant

Transgender patients have specific cosmetic needs. Typically, this tends to be male to female because of pre-existing male pattern hair loss as well as facial and body hair that needs removing. However, female to male transsexuals can also have cosmetic concerns that we can help with.

Amanda Lear

Amanda was born in 1946 in Hong Kong from an English/French father who served for the French army in Indochina and an Asian/Russian mother, Amanda was raised in the South of France and in Switzerland. Amanda's SRS in the early 1960's was performed at

Endo journals

Transsexuals experience themselves as being of the opposite sex, despite having the biological characteristics of one sex. Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus

For your eyes only

One of the "James Bond Women" was a transsexual, and it was only discovered after the film was finished. Roger Moore was rather "miffed" to find that he had shot all those heavy love scenes with someone who had started out with the same equipment he

How to develope a female voice

Nothing gets you read faster than a voice that doesn't match your appearance. Many gender folk dress up and look like goddesses... until they open their mouths. Suddenly, in spite of the grace and curves, they turn into ...

International Transgender Sisterhood

"Gender" is the nonsexual side of sex. As someone once expressed it: Gender is located above, and sex below the belt.

Kate Bornstein

KATE BORNSTEIN is an author and performance artist whose published works include the books Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us; My Gender Workbook and.... Kate's books are taught in over 120 colleges and universities around the world; and

Real Life: My Mum is My Dad

Transgender issues have suddenly become very popular. Nadia, the favourite to win this year's Big Brother reality television show, is transsexual.But a presence in the public eye doesn't necessarily equal acceptance, and transsexuals continue to face

TransGender Care

TransGenderCare contains a large archive of health information that we have written and compiled from our years of directly providing medical, psychological, electrology, and general health services to our transgender community

Transgender Support Site

Here you will find a lot of information

Transsexual Road Map

Transsexual Road Map is a travel guide to set priorities and choose your route. It's about making informed purchasing decisions and setting realistic, achievable transition goals.

Transsexual Woman's Resources

This web site is designed to empower transsexual women by providing factual information, informed opinion, and personal narrative. I hope these resources will help transsexual women make decisions that will best serve their individual needs.

Voice Lessons & Vocal Coaching

Tricia Moorea is a voice specialist who works with all aspects of voice for over 30 years. She first started working with the transgender community in San Francisco in 1979. She lives in Hawaii and teach worldwide through the internet.

Wig Beauty

You have come to the right place for Instant Hair Beauty. Now with a wig you can have that wonderful feeling every day.

Transgender Resources

I fully intend to discuss my transgenderism here - you can approve or disapprove, like me or not like me, I likely would feel the same towards you if that is the case. I might get my feelings hurt, but I won't be silent, I won't acquiesce, I won't g

Tina Popular Bookmark 

Christina shares on this prive website her story and experience as a transsexual.

Georgina Beyer - Transsexual Parliamentarian Top Rated Bookmark 

Georgina Beyer from New Zealand is the first transsexual in the world to be elected as a Mayor and the first transsexual in the world to be elected to Parliament.

Results: 1 - 19 of 19

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