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In the news - International 
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Sex-change doctor swops bow ties for string of pearls

Colin Bone used to be known for his collection of 80 bow ties and trademark bowler hat. But since becoming the first Health Service gynaecologist to change gender, Mr Bone - now Miss Celia Macleod - has had to adjust his dress sense. Miss Macleod was pictured for the first time yesterday wearing a stylish patterned outfit and a string of pearls.

"Sex Op Turned Me Into Girl At Just 17"

A GLAMOROUS college student today reveals how she became the youngest transsexual in Britain. Angel Paris-Jordan was just 17 when she was granted a sex-change op on the NHS.

A crown fit for a queen

How about a pageant that defies conventional classification, confounds your sense of pronoun assignment, and rocks with the force of several Tina Turners?

Aussie Transsexual cleared (AUS)

Hobart, Tasmania - Martine Delaney thinks it's strange that of all the discrimination she could encounter as a transsexual, it's the relatively minor obstacles she's overcome to play in a women's soccer league that makes her front-page news in Austra

Israel's Dana International takes back seat to ABBA in "Best of Eurovision" (ISRAEL)

Transsexual Dana, who back in 1998 performed the reprise with Jean-Paul Gaultier's memorable feathers suit, took the stage in Copenhagen with a new Gaultier's design named Spanish Bride. 'Back in 1998 we wanted to win, so tried to be different but st

Male nurse wants to be a she legally

A male nurse who underwent a sex-change procedure abroad is asking the local court for a legal change in gender to female, but the government prosecutor is against the idea.

A Prom Night To Remember

"The only thing that Mr. Lofy did wrong was wearing a purse that didn't match the dress and open-toed shoes before Memorial Day," said Madison lawyer Erik Guenther, who will represent Kerry Lofy.

Transsexual insists on going to women's jail (UK)

Denise Martin, one of Ireland's first transsexuals who had a full sex-change operation 22 years ago, faces a prison sentence next month. The slender, 45-year-old bleached blonde could find herself in the all-male top-security Maghaberry jail outside


A transgender Knoxville fire fighter has filed a grievance against top ranking Knoxville Fire Department officials, charging that they have harassed and discriminated her because of her transgender status.

Man can sue over sex-change op (AUS)

Melbourne - A man who claims he was misdiagnosed as a transsexual will be allowed to sue the medical team that advised him to have a sex change, an Australian appeals court ruled on Friday

Hidden past, hopeful future for trans athletes Top Rated Bookmark 

Kristen Worley, a 2008 Olympic hopeful in cycling, has a secret. But now, with great anxiety, she?s divulging it. A few years ago, the Canadian had sex-change surgery to change her gender from male to female.

Transsexual wins sex discrimination case against airline (UK)

A transsexual airline worker who was forced from her job by managers who were unhappy with her appearance won her claim of sexual discrimination yesterday.

TS Olympic Victory (CAN)

Dumaresq, 33, broke new ground for transsexual athletes in 2001 by asserting her right to race as a woman. Now the post-operative male-to-female transsexual from Vancouver is the Canadian national champion in the women's downhill discipline.

Sheriff?s Department needs protocol for transgender inmates

On Nov. 17, San Diego sheriff?s officers were called to the residence of Vanessa Facen, a 35-year-old pre-operative transsexual woman. Pre-op transsexuals are individuals who have made a personal decision to live as the gender opposite their natal bodies.

Validity Of Marriage Where One Spouse Is Transsexual (US)

...stated that all marriage-based immigration petitions would be denied where one spouse "claimed to be transsexual.

Lonely transsexual Russian man wants to become pregnant (RUS)

Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper wrote about a 40-year-old man, Igor Sarkisov, who wanted to become pregnant and have a baby.

Transsexual Cop Killer To Represent Herself At Sentencing Trial (US)

A transsexual go-go dancer who shot to death two law enforcement officers in a standoff will be allowed to represent herself in an upcoming sentencing trial to determine if she gets the death penalty.

Transsexual to play in Aus Open (AUS)

Sydney - The first transsexual to enter a pro golf tournament says she has no physical advantages despite being born a man and many top women players hit the ball further than her.

Transgender lawyer wins national award (US)

Minter has helped to draft and lobby for innovative new federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender people.

Genderqueer: Straight or gay, these kids refuse to play dress-up by the rules Top Rated Bookmark 

Who / What: Genderqueer One girl was called Jane Marie Another little girl was called Felicity Another little girl was Sally Joy The other was me, and I'm a boy

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Results: 1 - 20 of 88
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