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In the news - International 
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Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life

Former prostitute, drag queen, mayor, MP and man, Georgina Beyer has been a person of many parts - but the prospect of playing her own grandmother in a film of her life proved one role too far.

Young, transgender, African-American violinist Tona Brown

Tona Brown is an African American transgendered violinist and vocalist who has had a career to span North America and Europe. Starting the violin at the age of 10 years old and winning scholarships and competitions since the age of 14 her destiny as a performance artist was etched in stone at an early age.

An African-American transwoman shares her thoughts about being Black and transgender

There are a lot of words you can use to describe me. Daughter, aunt, friend, woman, sister, native Texan, Houstonian, African-American, deejay, Christian, transplanted Louisvillian, transplanted Kentuckian, activist, writer, sports fan, columnist, Kentucky Colonel, American. Another one that would be accurate to use in my case is transgender.


Gay and transgender activists have welcomed a judgement by the European Court of Human Rights on the rights of transgendered people in Lithuania.

Beating Transsexual Not Hate Crime Judge Rules

A teenager who severely beat a transsexual last year is not guilty of a hate crime a Palm Beach County Juvenile Court judge has ruled.

3rd Annual Trans Day of Action for Social & Economic Justice

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) joins the TransJustice Initiative of the Audre Lorde Project (The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color Center for Community Organizing) to observe June 22, 2007 as the 3rd Annual Trans Day of Action for Social & Economic Justice in New York City.


The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has been closely monitoring the case of a female to male transgender man and his female born wife who were hiding from family violence, turned to the court for help, and ended up in prison.

Change Sex Or Die

The situation of the transgendered in Iran has been the subject of frequent media reports that paint a rosy picture of life for them in the Islamic Republic, and which characterize Tehran - in a recent description in the U.K. daily The Guardian - as "the unlikely sex-change capital of the world."

Largo officials vote to dismiss Stanton

City commissioners ended one of the most tumultuous weeks in Largo history Tuesday night by moving to fire City Manager Steve Stanton following his disclosure that he will have a sex-change operation.

Battling for One’s True Sexual Identity

RAY CARANNANTE, a licensed social worker whose masculine sartorial flair translates into a tidily sculpted goatee and unashamedly argyle socks, does not look or behave as if he is identity-challenged. His pants and white pinstripe shirt — he says he complied this morning when his girlfriend gave his purple shirt a constructive thumbs-down — flatter his compact physique. His dark hair is clipped short. In a crowd, he would not stand out.

Sex-change doctor swops bow ties for string of pearls

Colin Bone used to be known for his collection of 80 bow ties and trademark bowler hat. But since becoming the first Health Service gynaecologist to change gender, Mr Bone - now Miss Celia Macleod - has had to adjust his dress sense. Miss Macleod was pictured for the first time yesterday wearing a stylish patterned outfit and a string of pearls.

Transgender Happiness

In English the words “sex” and “gender” mean the same thing. Both distinguish male and female, but in actuality the definitions are quite different. Sex indicates the anatomical structure of genes, while gender leans towards the mental and societal. There are a few people whose sex and gender do not match, however.

The evolution of Dee Perez, transgender activist

Transgender activist Dee Perez is a study in transitions, not only morphing from male to female during her 28-year lifespan but rising from the projects and drug addiction to become a successful community activist and mentor to countless adults and students around issues of homophobia and marginalization.

What Flows From Transsexuals Changing Legal Sex?

If transsexuals change their official gender, they can marry someone of their former sex, and they can have children by adoption. If their changed sex is female, they enjoy all women’s rights guaranteed by law.

No prom; lots of support for man who wore gown

For the first time since being kicked out of his high school's prom for wearing women's clothes, a Gary teen returned Thursday to class -- and to a wave of support from classmates and teachers.

Court: Transsexual woman can't see child

Woman who underwent sex-change operation appeals to High Court of Justice after Rabbinic Court cancels prior alimony agreement; appeal rejected

Transgender athletes welcome at Montreal's Outgames

Sports officials expect at least 50 transgender athletes at this summer's Outgames in Montreal. Organizers have worked out a policy to include them in all sports, for the first time at an international competition.

Friends star avoids trans sex change programme

Actress Courtney Cox has avoided having her family?s private matters exposed in public, quite literally. Her brother in law, transsexual Alexis Arquette, sibling of Cox? husband, David Arquette, was set to have a sex change operation live on television.

Sheriff deputies? use of force contributes to death of transgender person

According to a San Diego County deputy medical examiner, there is reason to believe sheriff deputies? use of force resulted in the death of Vanessa Facen, a 35-year-old pre-operative transsexual who was arrested last November for a residential burglary.

Trans minority youth at high risk for HIV

A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health shows that male-to-female transgender ethnic-minority youths commonly engage in high-risk sexual activities that put them at risk for HIV infection.

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Results: 1 - 20 of 88
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