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In the news - International 
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Transgender is more than a physical image, it's identity Top Rated Bookmark 

Just as I think it's more comfortable for people to assume that something 'made' you gay, I think there are also things people get very confused about with transgender people.

Life in hell Top Rated Bookmark 

In California prisons, an unconventional gender identity can be like an added sentence. Rosa casts her dark eyes downward and then looks up from under wispy bangs to say matter-of-factly, "I've been raped six times.

Genderqueer: Straight or gay, these kids refuse to play dress-up by the rules Top Rated Bookmark 

Who / What: Genderqueer One girl was called Jane Marie Another little girl was called Felicity Another little girl was Sally Joy The other was me, and I'm a boy

Not all education is on the curriculum Top Rated Bookmark 

At a time when most are planning their retirement, a 71-year-old teacher, Lily McBeth, instead left her teaching position in order to manage her gender transition. When she returned, the board at Eagleswood Elementary School in Eagleswood Township, New Jersey welcomed her back.

Rally planned for transgender woman arrested at Grand Central Station Top Rated Bookmark 

Outraged after a 70-year-old transgender woman was arrested by Metropolitan Transportation Authority police for using a Grand Central Station women's bathroom, New York transgender activists and allies are staging a rally on her behalf.

Hidden past, hopeful future for trans athletes Top Rated Bookmark 

Kristen Worley, a 2008 Olympic hopeful in cycling, has a secret. But now, with great anxiety, she?s divulging it. A few years ago, the Canadian had sex-change surgery to change her gender from male to female.

Sheriff?s Department needs protocol for transgender inmates

On Nov. 17, San Diego sheriff?s officers were called to the residence of Vanessa Facen, a 35-year-old pre-operative transsexual woman. Pre-op transsexuals are individuals who have made a personal decision to live as the gender opposite their natal bodies.


Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt. In the transgender community, to have full-time work is to be in the minority. In fact, a new survey of 194 trans people conducted by the Transgender Law Center (TLC), with support from the Guardian, found that only one out of every four respondents has a full-time job. Another 16 percent work part-time.

Arrested justice: When LGBT people land in jail

Kari Sundstrom, a 41-year-old transgender woman, had been on female hormones for 15 years when, in January, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a law banning hormone treatments or sex reassigment surgery for prison inmates. This meant Sundstrom, incarcerated since 2003, would have to discontinue her hormone therapy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones to take on transgender movie role

Catherine Zeta-Jones HOLLYWOOD, California ? Hot on the heels of Felicity Huffman?s award-winning turn in TransAmerica, Academy Award Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones is rumored to be eying a starring role in an upcoming film about a transgender cabaret performer.

A Prom Night To Remember

"The only thing that Mr. Lofy did wrong was wearing a purse that didn't match the dress and open-toed shoes before Memorial Day," said Madison lawyer Erik Guenther, who will represent Kerry Lofy.

attorney general says gay protections are unconstitutional

It is his intention to continually insist that his management team provide this basic right to gays, straights, lesbians and transgender employees."

Hate crimes bill has a shot

Much of the opposition by legislators had stemmed from listing "sexual orientation" - which included gays, lesbians and transgendered people. Critics also had attacked the measure as trying to punish people for their "thoughts" or motives in a crime.

Transexual Principal for school

Mr. Young declared that his selection came "after a nationwide search for the best possible principal" and that "his/her sexual orientation had nothing to do with his selection. Nevertheless, transgender groups across America applauded his choice, since this also represents the first transgender principal in the nation

Hotel won't rue its loo policy

A TRANSVESTITE has claimed discrimination by a Melbourne hotel for a ban on using the women's toliet. The licensee of the Newmarket Tavern, John Booth, said he was shocked by the allegation. He said he ran a sports bar, lounge, restaurant and TAB that were open to anybody.

"Sex Op Turned Me Into Girl At Just 17"

A GLAMOROUS college student today reveals how she became the youngest transsexual in Britain. Angel Paris-Jordan was just 17 when she was granted a sex-change op on the NHS.

Transgender Female Arrested For Using Women's Restroom

A phone repair worker who is in transition from male to female said Tuesday that she was arrested three times by transit police in the last six months for using the women's restroom at Grand Central Terminal.

Guatemalan Gays, Transgenderds Victims Of Deadly Attacks

The Guatemalan government is accused of doing little or nothing to stem a growing number of violent attacks on gays and the transgendered. Human Rights Watch, an international organization based in New York, suggests at least some of the violence has been carried out or instigated by police.

Fair housing law gains momentum for passage

The plan, which is being reviewed by the Common Council, also would make it illegal for landlords to discriminate against transsexuals.

Sex-change doctor swops bow ties for string of pearls

Colin Bone used to be known for his collection of 80 bow ties and trademark bowler hat. But since becoming the first Health Service gynaecologist to change gender, Mr Bone - now Miss Celia Macleod - has had to adjust his dress sense. Miss Macleod was pictured for the first time yesterday wearing a stylish patterned outfit and a string of pearls.

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Results: 1 - 20 of 83
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