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Reclaiming Genders: Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecle PDF Print E-mail

Reclaiming Genders: Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de SiecleReclaiming Genders: transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siecle
Author:  Kate More
Publisher:  Cassell
ISBN:  0304337765
Publishing Date:  1999
Pages:  309
Format:  Hardcover

An interdisciplinary work bringing together an international group of transgender writers, this text provides a collection of essays that are central to both academia and activism. Based on academic and "street" experiences, the book addresses the practical issues faced in changing the world view of gender while forcing theory a step forward from limitations of "queer", feminism and postmodernism. In a wide-ranging set of contributions, it addresses our engendered places now and what we can aim for in the future. It evaluates the mechanism we can use to galvanize both the micro theories of gender as a personal experience of oppression and the macro theories of gender as a site of social regulation. The collection aimes to take identity politics and reclaim identity for the "self".

Re-Thinking Sexualities in Africa PDF Print E-mail

Re-Thinking Sexualities in AfricaRe-Thinking Sexualities in Africa
Editor:  Signe Arnfred
Publisher:  Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
ISBN:  917106513X
Publishing Date:  2004
Pages:  276
Format:  Trade paperback

The volume brings together papers by African and Nordic/Scandinavian gender scholars and anthropologists, in attempts to investigate and critically discuss existing lines of thinking about sexuality in Africa, while at the same time creating space for alternative approaches. Issues of colonial and contemporary discourses on 'African sexuality' and on 'female genital mutilation' are being discussed, as well as issues of female agency and of feminists engagement with HIV/AIDS. The volume contributes to contemporary efforts of re-thinking sexualities in the light of feminist, queer and postcolonial theory.

Respect and Equality: Transsexual and Transgender Rights PDF Print E-mail

Respect and Equality: transsexual and Transgender Rights
Author:  Stephen Whittle
Publisher:  Cavendish Pub Ltd
ISBN:  1859417434
Publishing Date:  September 1, 2002
Pages:  308
Format:  Paperback

South Africa's Top Sites: Gay and Lesbian PDF Print E-mail

South Africa's Top Sites: Gay and LesbianSouth Africa's Top Sites: Gay and Lesbian
Author:  Philip Harrison
Publisher:  Spearhead P.
ISBN:  0864865686
Publishing Date:  2005
Pages:  144
Format:  Softcover

South Africa is a remarkable land of extraordinary beauty, a rich and colourful tapestry of diverse cultures and endless vistas that simply beg to be explored. In this guide, South Africa's top sites ? Gay and Lesbian reveals and explores the manifestation of the gay and lesbian life within the current socio-political context that is attempting to foster a culture of human rights for all, irrespective of sexual orientation to live and let live. South Africa with its remarkably progressive National Constitution is officially a gay friendly country. It offers: amenities, accommodation, activities, events and places where gays and lesbians are comfortable and welcome. Consequently, South Africa is a gaining eminence as a world-class gay and lesbian destination.

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