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I am very eager to be a woman what is the total cost? PDF Print E-mail
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There are various aspects to contribute to the cost.

Hormone replacement per month can work out to be between R600 to R800 per month, varies from one medical aid to the next, whether it will be covered or not.

Laser hair removal can work out between eight to nine thousand in total, depending on your beard / stubble.

The gender reasignment surgery (wich include the adams apple contouring / shaving, breast inplants and the vagina) cost in Thailand (the destination of choice for many MTF), depending on the exchange rate, around R60 000.00 (sixty thousand). That excludes the air ticket, accomodation - which you need to budget for two weeks, if there is no complications.

In South Africa the same procedure varies between R65 000 to R70 000 in private practice. The government route will cost significant less, but the waiting list is very long. The Department of Gynocology - Gender Re-Assignment Group - at the Pretoria Academical Hospital can be contacted on (012) 354 1000 for informatin on the "Government Route"

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