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When may I legally change my ID Book to my new gender? PDF Print E-mail
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Anyone who has undergone a sex change operation or medical treatment that causes his or her gender to change can apply to the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs to have the description of his/her gender changed.

The documents required for this are:

  • application form (Bl-526),
  • a report by the medical practioner who applied the treatment or procedures on the applicant, or a doctor who is experienced in such procedures or treatments
  • a report by another medical practioner who has examined the applicant to establish his or her sexual characteristics and
  • proof of payment of the fees.

When changing an applicant's sex, the Identity Number automatically changes. An application for a new identity document must therefore be made as soon as the change has been approved.

The costs are R48 (August 2005), if the person is also changing his or her forename, an additional R75 (August 2005) has to be paid.

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