What is transgender?

Broadly speaking, transgender people are individuals whose gender expression and/or Gender identity differs from conventional expectations based on the physical sex they were born into.

Transgender can include a number of sub-categories, which, among others, including transsexual, cross-dressing, transvestite, consciously androgynous people, people who are genderqueer, people who live cross-gender, gender blenders, butch women, effeminate men, drag kings and drag queens, among many others. Usually not included, because in most cases it is not a gender issue (although in practice the line can be hard to draw) are transvestic fetishists.

Gender DynamiX defines Transgender as:

"The sense of self is in conflict with the gender assigned to a person at birth, and its corresponding stereotypical role."

Gender DynamiX acknowledges the variety and diversity of our community and seeks to reflect this in its approach and activities. This definition is fluid and subject to change.