MAGI Multi-Agency Grants Initiative

MAGI Multi-Agency Grants InitiativeThe Multi-Agency Grants Initiative (MAGI) has been established as a collaborative venture between a number of funders to specifically support community based organisations. The overall objective of MAGI is to enhance the development of civil society at community level in Southern Africa by providing increased access to financial resources and by building organisational capacity.

MAGI's funding focusses on:

  • HIV/AIDS: Focus on increasing access to treatment, awareness & demystifying the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.
  • Sustainable economic development: Community level responses that aim and have the potential to increase resources available through local and national government and other agencies, income and job opportunities, including access to skills development and training.
  • Culture and recreation: Activities that have a clearly articulated development component such as addressing social issues. Attention will also be given to activities that enrich the cultural life of communities. Recreational opportunities such as games, sports for youth and children, particularly young women and girls, will also fall under this category.
  • Refugees & migrants: Focus on projects supporting and enhancing the human rights of refugees/migrants and advocating on behalf of this group.
  • Farmworkers & Rural Poor: Focus on projects supporting and enhancing the human rights of farmworkers and the rural poor, and advocating on behalf of this group.
  • Gay & Lesbian: emerging gay & lesbian organisations in townships & rural areas

The MAGI Agency Partners are: