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In the news - International 
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transsexual murdered in motel

Autopsy results confirmed that a 31-year-old Michigan transsexual found Tuesday in a Motel 6 in Elk Grove Village was a homicide victim. While the medical examiner?s report noted the victim as a white male, police are referring to the victim as a woman.

more gender-neutral facilities on campus

To address growing concerns that Portland State is in need of more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, plans are in the works to offer more of the bathrooms, and maps showing gender-neutral bathrooms on campus will be provided beginning next week.

Tel Aviv man confesses to murdering transsexual, another woman

A Tel Aviv man on Thursday confessed to murdering Israel's first surgically transformed transsexual Yardena Marsh, and of killing another woman. The body of Marsh, 46, was found by her sister on February 15th in her Tel Aviv apartment. Forensic evidence indicated she was dead less than 24 hours before being found.


Gay and transgender activists have welcomed a judgement by the European Court of Human Rights on the rights of transgendered people in Lithuania.


According to the Italian national gay association Arcigay, there will be four gay, lesbian, or transgendered people in the new parliament.

Blogging for Justice: The Gwen Araujo Murder

Three years later, two of the three accused men, Michael Magidson, 25, and Jose Merel, 26, received sentences of 15 years to life for first-degree murder without hate crime enhancements.

Transsexual UK

Sarah fell in love with Stephen. But Stephen was born a girl. Their wedding is one of hundreds involving sex-change partners since a change in the law

Trans minority youth at high risk for HIV

A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health shows that male-to-female transgender ethnic-minority youths commonly engage in high-risk sexual activities that put them at risk for HIV infection.

Sex changes through the state a go again after policy reversal

OLYMPIA -- The Legislature is having trouble coming to terms with its feelings about taxpayer-financed sex-change operations.

Young, transgender, African-American violinist Tona Brown

Tona Brown is an African American transgendered violinist and vocalist who has had a career to span North America and Europe. Starting the violin at the age of 10 years old and winning scholarships and competitions since the age of 14 her destiny as a performance artist was etched in stone at an early age.

Beyer?s gender bill back again

Georgina Beyer?s Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill appears to be back on the agenda, contrary to reports last year which suggested the private members bill had been removed from the ballot.

Transjobless Top Rated Bookmark 

Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt. In the transgender community, to have full-time work is to be in the minority. In fact, a new survey of 194 trans people conducted by the Transgender Law Center (TLC), with support from the Guardian, found that only one out of every four respondents has a full-time job. Another 16 percent work part-time.

Trans Don't Cry

"I lost my family," says Liesegang, who underwent a sex- change operation. "My mother disowned me. My sister said, "I can take you as my gay brother, not as my sister.'" She also lost her clients, and in the late '90s she found herself jobless. The economy was peaking, but there was no work for a transsexual like Liesegang.

Let doctors--not politicians--determine "medical necessity".

This system is in place to determine which treatments, if any, are "medically necessary" and appropriate.

Transgender Worker Sues Employer For Discrimination

She was an information technology analyst, a good one she says with an outstanding record. In January of last year, she finally told her supervisors she was a transgender. Soon after, she came to work dressed as a woman. Danielle Ryan, transgender employee: "I was told to go home.

Transgender Female Arrested For Using Women's Restroom

A phone repair worker who is in transition from male to female said Tuesday that she was arrested three times by transit police in the last six months for using the women's restroom at Grand Central Terminal.

Fair housing law gains momentum for passage

The plan, which is being reviewed by the Common Council, also would make it illegal for landlords to discriminate against transsexuals.

Hotel won't rue its loo policy Top Rated Bookmark 

A TRANSVESTITE has claimed discrimination by a Melbourne hotel for a ban on using the women's toliet. The licensee of the Newmarket Tavern, John Booth, said he was shocked by the allegation. He said he ran a sports bar, lounge, restaurant and TAB that were open to anybody.

Surgery-free gender change in Spain

A 50-year-old transsexual on Tuesday became the first person in Spain to legally change their gender without undergoing surgery under a new law approved last month, a gay activist group said. (Wed, 11 Apr 2007)

Largo officials vote to dismiss Stanton

City commissioners ended one of the most tumultuous weeks in Largo history Tuesday night by moving to fire City Manager Steve Stanton following his disclosure that he will have a sex-change operation.

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Results: 1 - 20 of 89

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