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South African Transgender Links  Index
Links to South African based trans-websites
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Transgender Dating South Africa Gold Bookmark Top Rated Bookmark Popular Bookmark 

Transgender Dating South Africa - friends, dating, love and activities for Transgender People and their admirers.

Health24 Forum Top Rated Bookmark Popular Bookmark 

This is a life forum, where I am the guest expert on transgender related questions.

tgsa/Transgendered South Africa Popular Bookmark 

A Yahoo!Group catering for all persons at all stages of all alternate genders, so to speak. tgs, tss, cds, tvs, whatever the issue, wherever in the process and whatever the journey.

Tina Popular Bookmark 

Christina shares on this prive website her story and experience as a transsexual.


This group is for those who consider themselves transsexual, whether pre-op or post-op. We also include those who are still searching for their identity. Also included are supporters of transsexuals: spouses, partners, adult children, family and clos

Christelle and Raven

This is Christelle and Raven's home page. We will be covering several things, including latest news and happenings in our lives, photo's, random thoughts, and special highlights. We are also covering the issue of transsexualism, so be warned. If you want to share some thoughts or ideas with us, or have some questions about anything, please feel free to drop us a line.


We cater for the partners, family and friends of MTF and FTM transsexuals, cross dresses and Transvestites. Our aim is to provide a peer group for all to ask questions, share joys and frustrations, gain knowledge and speak about success stories.

this charming man...

I heard about Charl on an online lesbian forum, which is ironic when you realize that he's an F2M.

Robert Hamblin

Robert Hamblin is a transgendered man who uses his skills and talents as a photographer and artist to create narratives of the human state. He uses his expertise, aptitude and experiences to explore gender issues to increase awareness and transform gender relations.


I have started the process of telling people at work. I have informed my managers, Human Resources (HR) and the site psychologist, who is working through the process with me. Once I start telling colleagues I will be able to wear ‘transition-friendly’ clothes such as women’s shirts that are not too obviously women’s shirts.


They are the fantastic, most gorgeous twosome to ever grace us with their presence!!! They are the magnificent Lilly Slaptsilli (Clive Allardyce) and Keiron Legacy (Martin van Staden). Two divas of the first water with style, passion and bodies to die for! Their show, "Mince", has been going for a number of years and brings together their talents as "singers" (lip-synchers), dancers and comedians. They are "simply the best" at what they do.

South African Law, Legal and Constitutional info  Index

Here you will find some important information!

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Department of Home Affairs

Information to apply for the alteration of gender description on birth register.

Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Bill

This is the oral presentation for the South African Home Affairs Portfolio Committee Hearings on 9 September 2003. Based on this presentation, the sex description act has been changed in order that people can change their gender on ID documentation,

Legal Resources Centre

The Legal Resources Centre is an independent, client-based, non-profit public interest law clinic which uses law as an instrument of justice. It works for the development of a fully democratic society based on the principle of substantive equality, by providing free legal services for the vulnerable and marginalised, including the poor, homeless, and landless people and communities of South Africa who suffer discrimination by reason of race, class, gender, disability or by reason of social, economic, and historical circumstances.

Bill of Rights - SA

Chapter 9 deals with the rights of all people.

Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act, 2003


The Sex Description Act, Act 49 of 2003 as assented by the President for public knowledge. (The Act is not currently implemented as such by the Department of Home Affairs of SA - 2007)

This is a link to the PDF version of this act.

Commission of Gender Equality

The Commission on Gender Equality is one of the six State Institutions Supporting Constitutional Democracy called for in the 1996 Constitution. The aim of the Commission, as set out in section 187 of the Constitution is to promote gender equality and to advise and make recommendations to Parliament

constitutionally speaking

This blog deals with political and social issues in South Africa, mostly from the perspective of Constitutional Law. It is time that human rights law take note of the oppressive nature of the sex/gender dichotomy and begin to seek ways to accommodate a wider variety of sex and gender identities in our society.


The Yogyakarta Principles are a set of principles on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity. The Principles affirm binding international legal standards with which all States must comply. They promise a different future where all people born free and equal in dignity and rights can fulfil that precious birthright.

In the news - African  Index
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Spiritual Intersexuality: Sally Gross of South Africa

Sally writes a moving piece about her intersexuality and advocacy, and critiques the prevailing norms of human rights and feminist activisms. She has written several articles about intersexuality, including the essay “Intersexuality and Scripture”, which was published in September 1999 in the British journal Theology and Sexuality. Sally lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Results: 1 - 20 of 285

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