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The COGIATI, or COmbined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory is an attempt to fill a void which needs to be filled. There is a need for some sort of test which could be of assistance to the pre-operative, questioning person who is attempting to decide what they want to do about their gender issues. Most transsexuals are not early onset, sure-from-birth cases such as myself. The vast majority of the gender-dysphoric struggle for a long time trying to determine exactly what they really want.

Aside from a few attempts to provide very indefinite suggestions to the person struggling with the question of their own gender, no attempt has been made to create a serious multifaceted battery the sole purpose of which is to help the gender-dysphoric place themselves. The COGIATI is an attempt to accomplish this.

How to use the COGIATI

Answer all the questions as absolutely honestly and accurately as you can. The more honest your choices, the more accurate your result. Some questions may be redundant, some are used as validation tools, and others may seem odd or too obvious. All questions exist for specific reasons.

Important Notice

The Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory is not intended to replace the services of any counselor, psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation, or any other resource. The COGIATI exists ONLY to provide a clearer indication of the user's gender situation. It is not proof of any condition, nor can it be used as a legitimate diagnostic tool. As a work in progress, it has many shortcomings and failings.

The user is advised to consider the results of taking the COGIATI as a basis for self-examination and perhaps as an indication of what further investigation might be pursued. The COGIATI can not tell the user what they should do, or what they are. The COGIATI can only strongly suggest a rough category of definition to the user, as an aid to self-understanding.

How the COGIATI works

The COGIATI blends elements from many existing gender and sex identity tests with original elements developed by Jennifer Diane Reitz. The inventory then calculates a score which will place the user in one of five rough categories of gender status, and provides an outline of suggested actions that the user might take with regard to that status.

Who the COGIATI is targeted for

The Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory is precisely and narrowly targeted to the Male-to-Female Pre-Operative, Pre-Transitional individual who is currently unsure of what they really want or who they really are.

The COGIATI is designed to help this type of individual specifically to begin to solidify a basic stance from which to seek additional assistance.

The COGIATI exists to help the unsure come to some sort of grasp of things in order to begin to solve their issues. It can also be used to confirm or question existing self definitions.

Failings of the COGIATI

The COGIATI, as it currently stands, is an amateur attempt, and cannot be considered as medically or scientifically valid. It is the hope of the creator of the test that professionals will be inspired by this effort and create a true, clinically valid and useful tool that would accomplish the stated goals of the COGIATI. Something like the COGIATI needs to exist, and being unable to find it, Jennifer Diane Reitz decided to create it. The author acknowleges that she is not fully capable of doing this concept justice. Be alert to that fact, and interpret the results of the COGIATI in that light.

Please note that all test and scores are not diagnostic. Most likely they are also not telling you something you not already know or suspect. Non of our tests is intended to replace the services of any counselor, psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation, or any other resource.

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