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Super T-Man

Is it a bird, a plane, a man or a woman?        

No it's the Gender DynamiX Super T Man! - the defender of the underdog... or is it the underwear?

Super T Man collects articles to bring to this space every week. He is looking for funny informative information and views for or about Transgender/ Transexual people.

Send your attempts to [email protected]


Retail Androgeny PDF Print E-mail

By Esmerelda Flanaghandi 

I like to be seduced as much as anybody. And its that time of month again. The seductive little brochures from Truworths and American Swiss. I can resist anything except temptation. And I love advertising.

Top sex-change doctor faces ban PDF Print E-mail

Dr Heather Peto of Cambridge University and the LGBT human rights group OutRage! argues that charges of professional misconduct against one of the world's leading Gender identity specialists are not in the interests of transgender people and bring shame to the medical and psychiatric professions.


Multinoun Nation PDF Print E-mail

by S. L. Hager

I just want people to be happy. One reason why I’m happy is because in my household, all things are possible.  Want to be a trans cat osexual? Go ahead! I’m purrfectly happy to meow you by name, but I draw the line at the litter box-- beyond which I will not step--- especially if you haven’t covered your poopile.  I want people to be what they want to be and whenever they want to be it, which is to say that I believe it’s good to be more than one person, place or thing. And since this is South Africa, allow me to say that I believe in a multinoun nation. 

T-Iransexual PDF Print E-mail

By S.L. Hager

Seems like everyone’s got something to say about Islam these days, and some of what’s being said isn’t very pleasant. I ask that we look over the fences of our western culture, specifically, beyond our occidental value judgments, and look to the east.  Motives aside, it appears that Iran has become a leader among traditionally conservative Islamic nations in practicing a consistent and humanitarian approach to Gender Dysphoria. Indiscreet or ill-fated homosexuals may be at risk for the death penalty, and as with the rest of the world, there is no such thing as gender equality, but in Iran, they make space at the table for the T-Iransexual.

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