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Monday, 15 January 2007
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“They Call Me Umfowethu”
Limitations of Study
Terms and Definitions
Rainbow Flags ... (Part 1)
Everything in me is though (Part 2)
Everything in me is though (Part 2b)
Everything in me is though (Part 2c)
That is the problem... (Part 3)
Every transgender ...
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Transgender Men and Female Masculinity in South Africa 

By Harper B Keenan, September - December 2006

This article is one of the first writen documents about FTM's and Masculine Female bodied people in South Africa and will still in time to come serve as a very informative and important reference and research work. Harper B Keenan is a FTM student from the Eugene Lang College: The New School for Liberal Arts School for International Training in the United States, who did 3 months internship in South Africa at the  School for International Training in Durban. He did his final paper on: Transgender Men and Female Masculinity in South Africa.


The complete Article can be downloaded here.  


In the last several years, a small but outspoken transgender rights movement has emerged in South Africa. This is not to say that gender variance has only begun to exist in this country, but that an organized movement of transgender men and women demanding legal rights and social understanding has only begun to emerge. This paper studies the history of gender variance in South Africa, and tells the life histories of three people with varying types of transmasculine experience. Drawing on these histories as well as a variety of other resources, I have then described the concerns and challenges of transgender men as well as masculine and male-identified women, and examined if/how lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) focused NGOs are responding to the unique needs of this group.

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