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A Guide for Employers
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Transsexualism: A Guide for Employers

Transsexualism is the most pronounced form of Gender Dysphoria, in which a person experiences such a deep conflict between their physical sex and their mental gender that they have no choice but to embark upon the process of Gender Reassignment. Persons with this condition are likely to have been under a great deal of stress for many years prior to embarking upon treatment. The treatment has a very high success rate (over 97%) in alleviating the person's suffering and helping them to function better both in society and at work.

The process of Transition (switching into living full-time in the desired gender role) and Gender Reassignment (medical and surgical treatment to alter the body) can be stressful for the person involved, and sympathetic treatment by their employers and colleagues will contribute greatly to successful outcome.

It is common for transsexuals to be diligent and highly motivated employees. Prior to transition, many take refuge from their emotional pain in being 'workaholics'; after transition a good employee is likely to be better: the process of changing gender role alleviates the stress and pain, but the motivation remains. Gender reassignment does not change the inner person, and there is no need for it to adversely affect workplace relationships.

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