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Stephanie Adaralegbe - Jail PDF Print E-mail
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Fears (1)
Fears (2)
Crying Roses
Epochal Epistle
Unending tears
Societal crixifixion

Stephanie Adaralegbe describes herself as a prolific writer on the vicssitudinous life of a transgender in a typical third world African Country, Nigeria. She submitted this series of essays as a contribution to our live stories. The essays are taken from e-mail correspondence between Stephanie and other activists with her permission.

"I have been in jail for the past ten weeks serving a jail sentence of three months on charges of cross dresssing and transgenderism.I was arrested again in Lagos, while going peacefully on my own at night.The ugly incident ended up in a magistrate Court in Lagos, and i was subsequently jailed when i pleaded guilty to cross dressing and transgenderism.I had no lawyer to fight my cause, most unfortunately as all the individuals i relied on practically disappointed me one way or the other.I have been behind bars for the past ten weeks and i can assure you that my ordeal has been more than dehumanizing.My hairs all shaved off with brutal force and with a blade which was as sharp as Lucifer's instruments of diabolical decapitation was my greatest pain.I lost it all, all the fancy hairs and glamorous effects.To my utmost chagrin, i was distransgendered and compelled to looking masculine at all cost.Jail as been hell on earth, infact it was like a hellish visitation to the worst place you can ever be on earth.The miscellanous details of my jail life i will inform you later.Nevertheless, stay intouch.I think i am about to sail my boat to the nearest shores."

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