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16 – 18 July 2007

The National LGBTI Youth Leaders Lekgotla16 – 18 July 2007 marks the occasion of the first ever LGBTIQ youth and student conference in South Africa.

It all started when Activate, which is the GLBTI (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) Students social society at Wits University, submitted an application for the funding of the first ever National GLBTI Youth Leaders Conference to be held in Johannesburg. This led to the two day conference which raised controversial issues based on the GLBTI youth community.

Many had their say, many debated burning issues but all stood together in solidarity claiming the unified view that the GLBTI youth of South Africa need to be protected. Issues such as race and religion, culture, homophobia, education, safe spaces, coming out, etc were debated in order to formulate the GLBTI Youth Charter, which hopefully will one day be added to the Constitution of South Africa. It is evident that there is no law offering protection of the GLBTI Youth community.

Even though GLBTI people have 'equal' rights as per the Constitution that governs South Africans, there are many challenges that these young people face which the government needs to address in order to embrace a fully fledged democracy. Gender DynamiX had the privileged of sending a young transman to represent the organisation. During the open day he was invited to deliver a presentation, which was complimented widely by activists and attendees from all corners of South Africa.

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