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June 2008

Gender DynamiX held the 4th Gender Diversity Awareness Seminar at the Saartjie Baartman Centre on Friday 13 June 2008. Two male to female and 2 female to male transgendered people spoke about their experiences as transgendered individuals and about their journey with its challenges, joys, successes, fears and concerns. The delegates at the seminar were given an opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on issues they wanted more insight on. The Gender Diversity Awareness Seminar series started in May 2005, before Gender DynamiX was formed as an organisation. The past three GDA's were attended by an average of 10 Pan African participants per seminar, who at the time were attending research training at the African Gender Institute (AGI) at the University of Cape Town.

“I was one of the presenters at the GDA where I shared my personal experience with a group of 30 people. The experience that I shared with them was based on my cultural background verses my Gender identity. My culture does not believe in Transgender issue, but it became different when they discovered that I identify as  transgendered (FTM) and was called by a Male Ancestor to practise traditional herbal healing, "which to them meant that I'm continuing my Ancestors life as a male person", there for my gender identity became important as it goes with a reason. It was a real eye opener for most of the delegates. Thou I clearly explained to them that I don't believe that my Ancestor is the reason why I identify as a transman.”  Tebogo Nkoana, Outreach Officer at Gender DynamiX.

"It is empowering to see how we are able to shift people's ignorance or misconceptions in a short 4 hour session." Liesl Theron, Director of Gender DynamiX.

Quotes from delegates who attended the seminar

"I would like to compliment on the workshop, it was exciting and I've learnt a lot and would share a lot to my community and organisation"
Delegate from TAC

"The Seminar added flesh and reality to all the stuff I've read about transgender. Meeting transgender people and hearing their stories opened my eyes to their experiences and challenges". Delegate from Nigeria in Africa, who attended a three week research course at UCT

"The life stories are really powerful in addressing the transgender issues.
I wish they could be put on DVD, Videos for people to watch and learn more and as a tool for advocacy." Delegate from Kenya in African, who attended a three week research course at UCT

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