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Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or BlueTrans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue
Author:  Leslie Feinberg
Publisher:  Beacon Press
ISBN:  0807079510
Publishing Date:  1999
Pages:  160
Format:  Softcover

This stirring call for tolerance and solidarity from the acclaimed activist and author of Transgender Warriors collects Leslie Feinberg's speeches on trans liberation and its essential connection to the liberation of all people.

Leslie Feinberg is author of the underground classic Stone Butch Blues.


Although readers familiar with Feinberg's earlier books will not find much new material here, this collection of hir (this transgendered author's pronoun of choice) speeches, presented with a few essays by other transgendered writers, serves as a good introduction to Feinberg's ideas about the complexities of gender expression and to hir vision for a future "beyond pink or blue." As someone who faces oppression, incomprehension, and violence every day on the basis of hir appearance and the refusal to adhere to a rigid gender designation (Feinberg was once denied emergency medical treatment for endocarditis by a doctor who dismissed hir angrily as "a very troubled person"), Feinberg is in an excellent position to refute the shallow assumptions of the medical establishment and the mainstream media, as well as the more extreme views of the political and religious right. Most compelling are hir arguments on the importance of a broad-based multi-issue coalition among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, an alliance that could easily extend to other progressive groups. "Everyone who is under the gun of reaction and economic violence," Feinberg contends, "is a potential ally."

Regina Marler, amazon.com
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Posted by Guest, on 19-10-2005 10:49, , Guest
1. Leo
A collection of Leslie's speeches at conferences and events which almost make you feel as if you were there yourself. Gave me a better understanding and empathy for cross-dressing hetro-sexual men. Also contains portraits of different trans people.

Posted by Guest, on 29-08-2005 10:22, , Guest
2. liesl
A really must have, for all activists. Leslie is an EXCELLENT writer!

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