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In the news - International 
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Transsexual insists on going to women's jail (UK)

Denise Martin, one of Ireland's first transsexuals who had a full sex-change operation 22 years ago, faces a prison sentence next month. The slender, 45-year-old bleached blonde could find herself in the all-male top-security Maghaberry jail outside

Transsexual wins sex discrimination case against airline (UK)

A transsexual airline worker who was forced from her job by managers who were unhappy with her appearance won her claim of sexual discrimination yesterday.

TS Olympic Victory (CAN)

Dumaresq, 33, broke new ground for transsexual athletes in 2001 by asserting her right to race as a woman. Now the post-operative male-to-female transsexual from Vancouver is the Canadian national champion in the women's downhill discipline.

Transsexual Cop Killer To Represent Herself At Sentencing Trial (US)

A transsexual go-go dancer who shot to death two law enforcement officers in a standoff will be allowed to represent herself in an upcoming sentencing trial to determine if she gets the death penalty.

Transsexual to play in Aus Open (AUS)

Sydney - The first transsexual to enter a pro golf tournament says she has no physical advantages despite being born a man and many top women players hit the ball further than her.

Transgender lawyer wins national award (US)

Minter has helped to draft and lobby for innovative new federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender people.

Transgender teen's life as a TV movie

Araujo's story is well-known in the Bay Area. She was killed by men who'd had sex with her and were shocked to discover, weeks later, that she was biologically male. The killing drew nationwide attention to transgender youth, and there's little left to say about the crime.

Transsexuals, Gendernauts and Hermaphrodites Hit the Silver Screen

Welcome to the world of feature-length looks at gender confusion. What is male? What's female? And can one be both? Such are the conundrums presented to Berlin film goers this week -- in the form of up-close-and-personal looks at hermaphrodites, sex-change patients, transsexuals and all the gendernauts in between.

The evolution of Dee Perez, transgender activist

Transgender activist Dee Perez is a study in transitions, not only morphing from male to female during her 28-year lifespan but rising from the projects and drug addiction to become a successful community activist and mentor to countless adults and students around issues of homophobia and marginalization.

Transexual Principal for school

Mr. Young declared that his selection came "after a nationwide search for the best possible principal" and that "his/her sexual orientation had nothing to do with his selection. Nevertheless, transgender groups across America applauded his choice, since this also represents the first transgender principal in the nation

Transsexual UK

Sarah fell in love with Stephen. But Stephen was born a girl. Their wedding is one of hundreds involving sex-change partners since a change in the law

Transgender Worker Sues Employer For Discrimination

She was an information technology analyst, a good one she says with an outstanding record. In January of last year, she finally told her supervisors she was a transgender. Soon after, she came to work dressed as a woman. Danielle Ryan, transgender employee: "I was told to go home.

Tel Aviv man confesses to murdering transsexual, another woman

A Tel Aviv man on Thursday confessed to murdering Israel's first surgically transformed transsexual Yardena Marsh, and of killing another woman. The body of Marsh, 46, was found by her sister on February 15th in her Tel Aviv apartment. Forensic evidence indicated she was dead less than 24 hours before being found.

Transgender Day of Empowerment at The Center

Project S.T.A.R. is a community-based outreach, education and health services program of Family Health Centers of San Diego. It is funded by the California Endowment and targets both transgender-identifying persons in San Diego and health and social service providers who may provide services to transgender persons.

Transgender is more than a physical image, it's identity Top Rated Bookmark 

Just as I think it's more comfortable for people to assume that something 'made' you gay, I think there are also things people get very confused about with transgender people.

Trans Don't Cry

"I lost my family," says Liesegang, who underwent a sex- change operation. "My mother disowned me. My sister said, "I can take you as my gay brother, not as my sister.'" She also lost her clients, and in the late '90s she found herself jobless. The economy was peaking, but there was no work for a transsexual like Liesegang.

Transgender Happiness

In English the words “sex” and “gender” mean the same thing. Both distinguish male and female, but in actuality the definitions are quite different. Sex indicates the anatomical structure of genes, while gender leans towards the mental and societal. There are a few people whose sex and gender do not match, however.

Transgender athletes welcome at Montreal's Outgames

Sports officials expect at least 50 transgender athletes at this summer's Outgames in Montreal. Organizers have worked out a policy to include them in all sports, for the first time at an international competition.


Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt. In the transgender community, to have full-time work is to be in the minority. In fact, a new survey of 194 trans people conducted by the Transgender Law Center (TLC), with support from the Guardian, found that only one out of every four respondents has a full-time job. Another 16 percent work part-time.

Trans minority youth at high risk for HIV

A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health shows that male-to-female transgender ethnic-minority youths commonly engage in high-risk sexual activities that put them at risk for HIV infection.

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Results: 1 - 20 of 25
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