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 Gender DynamiX Links  In the news - African 
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In the news - African 
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“I’ll Have My Day in Court” - Brits Businesswoman (SA)

“To add to my agony, during this stressful period, my house burnt down mysteriously and shortly afterwards a fire started at my business premises. Then my business was hijacked by my ex-wife and partner"

Fired transsexual wants R4.6m (SA)

Bloemfontein ? A transsexual, who was fired by the SA National Blood Service, is suing it for R4.6m. The Bloemfontein transsexual, Nicky Kleynhans, has revised his claim against the service and it now stands at nearly R4.6m.

Transsexual's 'quack' healing (SA)

Pretoria - A vibrating chair that warm up the buttocks, headphones kicking up a racket, bright lights, plugs on the head and colouring pictures. This is how a Pretoria-based "traumatologist", who calls himself "doctor" but who is not registered w

At 81, granddad is grandma! (SA) Top Rated Bookmark 

At first glance this 81-year-old grandmother of six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren looks like any sophisticated, well-groomed elderly woman with a taste for beautiful clothes. It?s only when you are aware of her history that you notice she sometimes seems to forget who ?or what- she is, sitting with her legs apart or suddenly speaking with a deeper voice. But if you didn?t know you would never guess until recently Georgina Parson was a loving grandfather.

Jali: Homophobia inbred (SA)

Prison psychological services director Dr Lorinda Bergh testified she found it startling that no policy had been developed to protect homo- and transsexual men in jail.

south africa considered a better place for africa’s transgendered

“In Burundi I wasn’t free; I couldn’t even take the public transport. I was insulted wherever I went, I was stressed and traumatized, I was sick and tired of hearing people asking me if I am a man or a woman. I also could have been arrested at anytime because homosexuality is illegal in Burundi. That’s why I ran away from my country,”

south african transsexuals are living without identity

Change of identity for South African transsexuals “is a nightmare and often means transsexual people are made vulnerable to violence, discrimination, legal prosecution and harassment,” so said Liesl Theron – founder of Gender DynamiX, which is a non profit organization that caters for the needs of transgendered people in South Africa.

gender, a state of mind (SA)

July 24, 2006: Natalie Louw and Robert Hamblin say they have found their true selves through changing their sex.

Survey: Media 'prejudiced' against gay community

"They ignorantly confuse transgender issues with gay and lesbian people. For example, by portraying gay men as very effeminate -- using an image of a man in a dress to represent gay people..."

Films illuminate intersex darkness (SA) Top Rated Bookmark 

March 5, 2006: THE annual Out in Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which kicks off in Joburg this week, puts a magnifying glass on the issue of gender and sex changes.

Transgender group calls for more time to consider 'inhumane' bill on sex status - 2003 (SA)

Sex organs are not the only basis to determine the sex of a person. "It is positively inhumane to require us to undergo surgical alteration of sex organs given the immense risks involved, the number of hospital stays, the immense amount of physical pain, and the frequently unsatisfactory results and debilitating consequences,"

out in africa aims to produce more gay films (SA) Top Rated Bookmark 

Although in some parts the film festival honors Busse, the theme stretches to on one of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex?s (LGBTI) subsumed topic. Transgender will be the main focus in this year?s festival.

oia should reach other towns (SA) Top Rated Bookmark 

March 23, 2006: ?This year, it has got bigger and better and the audience has expanded,? says Nody Murphy ? the director of the Out In Africa (OIA) film festival, referring to the growth the festival has so far advanced. According to Murphy, OIA should in the future be taken to other towns and cities than only in Johannesburg and Cape Town as it is happening. She stressed that gay communities stretch also into rural areas and small towns such as Pietermaritzburg and Grahamstown.

News article with Gay Business Network

Liesl and Chris received an award for the greatest achievement as their network opened early 2005 and has grown tremendously over the last few months. For people wanting to join the Gay friendly network please call Liesl Theron on 083 320 7691 .

Spiritual Intersexuality: Sally Gross of South Africa

Sally writes a moving piece about her intersexuality and advocacy, and critiques the prevailing norms of human rights and feminist activisms. She has written several articles about intersexuality, including the essay “Intersexuality and Scripture”, which was published in September 1999 in the British journal Theology and Sexuality. Sally lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

gender dynamix to tackle transgender furore (SA)

Educating and creating awareness and visibility to professionals and general public is the organization’s goal that will, according to founder Liesl Theron, destigmatise transgenderism and offer more equal opportunities to individuals who are questioning their own gender.

John Qwelane's homophobia 'appalling'

JOHANNESBURG — Gays for Equitable Media (GEM) finds it regrettable that veteran journalist John Qwelane continues to use his column in the Sunday Sun (republished on News24) to expound his homophobic views.

Going to the Dogs

“Something is rotten in this country, seriously stinking.” He refers to the new legislation as the “stabani Act”, and slams the Constitutional Court for wanting “to make this country the “trahssie” capital of Africa.” "In addition to his bigoted opinions, the use of the words “stabani” (a derogatory term for gay) and “trahssie” (derogatory term for an inter-sexed person) are particularly repulsive," says GEM.


Liesl Theron, Director of Gender DynamiX, says that street shelters are traditionally structured to accommodate either men or women. Transgender individuals – who may be in a process of gender reassignment or who simply identify as the opposite gender – are not catered for by the existing network of shelters offering short-term accommodation to indigent people.

Exhibition of Transgender Body-Maps

"The body maps showed the diverse and difficult life experiences of trans people – and also the triumphs! Trans people shift gender boundaries a little further – allowing all of us to live with a little more freedom" said Sally-Jean Shackleton, the chairperson of Gender DynamiX. "Shifting those gender boundaries comes with some dangers though – at best, trans people suffer harassment and names calling – at worst, discrimination and violence"

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Results: 1 - 20 of 29
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