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Gender Diversity Awareness Seminar PDF Print E-mail

Gender DynamiX and Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church (GHMCC) will be hosting an exciting seminar, for the second time – by popular demand!

This seminar will provide people with an understanding of different and diverse gender expressions, to allow attendants to think outside the box. This will open up communication channels about topics not often discussed. It will give people the opportunity to interact with each other in a whole different way, by breaking the walls of pre-conceived ideas.


Pillow Talk - 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Dr EveDr Marlene Wasserman, also known as Dr Eve, has a contract with SABC3 to broadcast a series of episodes about sexuality with a holistic approach. One episode will be on the topic of transgenderism and Gender DynamiX was invited to partake. Liesl Theron, CEO and founder of Gender DynamiX was interviewed, along with Robert Hamblin, Vice-chairperson of Gender DynamiX. Announcements will be made to notify people when this broadcast will take place.
Lesbian Conference - August 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Through contacts made within the JWG, Gender DynamiX was invited to the 2006 National Lesbian conference in Johannesburg at Constitutional Hill.  It was a landmark event in the South African LGBT calendar, for more than one reason. Not only was it after 10 years since the first lesbian conference, but also a much more diversely attended conference. The other reason for this event to be a landmark: right from the start it was such a Trans-inclusive space! Not one time, anybody made any “slips” when referring to the LBT womyn “movement” that was to be formed.
Oral History Project - Ongoing PDF Print E-mail
Gay and Lesbian ArchivesThis is a joint project between Gender DynamiX and GALA (Gay And Lesbian Archives). The overall aim of this project is to document the life stories of transgender people and their families and to use this information to empower transgender people and to educate teh public. telling your story will help you and other transgender people to claim space in history and being part of this country's rich and diverse history.
Joint Working Group - Ongoing PDF Print E-mail
The Joint Working Group (JWG) is a collective network between LGBTI organisations in South Africa, working towards coordinating national approach to LGBTI issues in South Africa. It's in existance since 2003 and Gender DynamiX joined October 2005. Since March 2006 the CEO of Gender DynamiX, Liesl Theron was elected to be for a two year term on the management committee.
Radio Talk on SAFM - July 2006 PDF Print E-mail

SAfmA half an hour timeslot was given to Gender DynamiX to create awareness. It was a very positive interview, with SAFM broadcasting nationally. Listeners could call in, and there were only good responses and comments!

T - Junction - Ongoing PDF Print E-mail

Gender DynamiX initiated a social support group for people who are transgendered and their SOFFA's (Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies). This group meets at least once a month and vary between social gatherings and topic discussions. Some of the activities includes: informal workshops, dvd evenings, topic discussions, bring and braai, going to restaurants together as a group, enjoying Kayla's band, beach parties, visiting the aquarium as a group and what not all. Currnetly (Aug 2006) the group has 20 members, and a few more people who are interested in joining.

One must realise, for some people it is a big step to make the decision to join a group like this. The understanding must be there that a group like this will always have a changing dynamic, as people come and go, according to their own needs.

T-junction is based in Cape Town. To find out more about the next meeting, contact liesl at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Book Fair - Feb 2006 PDF Print E-mail

It is summer, and raining in Cape Town - unheard of! It might have to be part of this whole global warming thing. I also believe it can be connected to the fact that not only for the first time Cape Town Pride festival had a poetry reading, book fair - something for the intellect on it's programme, but also because transgender folk was well presented!

Balancing Act exhibition - Feb 2006 PDF Print E-mail

This Valentine's Day join the Gay and Lesbian Archives and the Apartheid Museum for the launch of

Balancing Act: A new exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of South Africa's Constitution.

This exhibition collects a group of young lesbian, gay and transgender people whose account of their lives affirm their identities as sexually different. Some of the stories deal with pain, discrimination and ignorance. The Constitution has officially affirmed the equality and dignity of people of all sexual orientations. But widespread hostility means that lifestyles that are 'different' are hidden and not adequately represented in the public realm.

Radio talk on S.E.X. at Good Hope FM - Aug 2005 PDF Print E-mail

3 August, Gender DynamiX was invited by Dr Eve, to be one of the guests on her radio talk show, called S.E.X. on Good Hope FM.  Along with two other people we discussed the diverse topic of transgenderism.  One of the two people who joined, is a person who defines as a FTM and who is a T - Junction member. The other person fully embraces both the male and female genders within.  Part of the conversation was around the work of Gender DynamiX, and the other two people also had a chance to describe what they experience and are dealing with.  Dr Eve explained sexuality and thereafter there was time made for listeners to phone in and ask questions.  Some of the listeners directed questions to a specific guest, who then answered the question; alternatively, Dr Eve or I could answer and explain.  The aim of the talk was in general to provide information to  listeners, and also to create awareness.  This type of radio talk show and networking will be an ongoing project of Gender DynamiX.  More info about Dr Eve can be found at www.dreve.co.za


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