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The Shipping Mistake PDF Print E-mail

The Shipping MistakeThe Shipping Mistake
Author: Natasha Anne Mocke
Publisher: Natasha Anne Mocke
ISBN: 9781411640405 (Hardcover)/9781411663558 (Paperback)
Format: Hardcover/Paperback
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 216

Fraser was a hard-working, successful, loving and dedicated husband and father of two. He was doing well in his career and in his social life, but he always knew there was something about him that was a little different. He could not quite put his finger on it. One fateful morning he found himself presented with two options, breakfast or suicide. And so the journey to becoming Natasha began. Leaving behind a successful life and creating a new one filled with unknowns is difficult and scary, and not one to be taken lightly. Follow Fraser’s arduous journey to becoming Natasha and share in both the difficult, challenging and humorous happenings along the way up until, but not including, her surgery.


Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People PDF Print E-mail

Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered PeopleInvisible Lives: The Erasure of transsexual and Transgendered People
Author: Viviane K. Namaste
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226568105
Format: Softcover 
Publication Date: 2000/12
Pages: 320

Through combined theoretical and empirical study, this work argues that transgendered people are not so much "produced" by medicine or psychiatry as they are "erased", or made invisible, in a variety of institutional and cultural settings. An analysis is made of two theoretical perspectives on transgendered people - queer theory and the social sciences - displaying how neither of these has adequately addressed the issues most relevant to sex change: everything from employment to health care to identity papers. Namaste then examines some of the rhetorical and semiotic inscriptons of transgendered figures in culture - including studies of early punk and glam rock subcultures - to illustrate how the effacement of transgendered people is organized in different cultural sites. This text concludes with research on some of the day-to-day concerns of transgendered people, offering case studies in violence, health care, Gender identity clinics and the law.

Just Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide to the Transsexual Experience PDF Print E-mail

Just Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide to the Transsexual ExperienceJust Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide to the transsexual Experience
Author: Matt Kailey
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807079596
Format: Softcover 
Publication Date: 2006/6
Pages: 184

Matt Kailey lived as a straight woman for the first forty-two years of his life, and then he changed. With the help of a good therapist, chest surgery, and some strong doses of testosterone, Kailey began living life as the man he"d always wanted to be. In Just Add Hormones, he answers all the questions you"ve ever had about what it"s like to live as a transsexual.

Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones PDF Print E-mail

ImageTrans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones
Author: Mary Boenke
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press
ISBN: 0615123074
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1 February 2003

This is a family oriented book published especially for families, friends, and others interested in understanding and learning about transgendered persons. The first edition sold out; this is the expanded second edition, published in 2003. It deals with all ages and types of transgender - FTM, MTF, Intersex, crossdressing, and androgeny. It is an ideal first book for families who want to understand.

There are seven sections. Section one is comprised of stories written by parents of very young gender variant children, i.e pre-schoolers and school age children who insisted they were not the gender their parents thought they were. Section two is by parents of adult transgenders, each describing their child's coming out process and the journey this revelation started for both the adult child AND the whole family. Section three includes stories by spouses and partners who have weathered the trauma of living through a gender change with their most significant other. Section four is by strategic others - grandparents, siblings, friends, children of trangenders.

In Section five, transgender folks tell about coming out to their children, with both positive and some painful results. Section Six includes short autobiographies by transgender persons, who are FTM, MTF, Intersex, crossdresser, and androgenous. In Section Seven several psychotherapists talk about common issues transgenders raise in therapy.

The back matter includes:
Glosary of Transgender Terms
National Transgender Organizations
Transgender Family Reading List
...How to Contact Authors

Also included are short quotations, quips, poems and items that are both profound and humorous. A quick, fun read.


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