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Lessons from the Intersexed PDF Print E-mail

Lessons from the IntersexedLessons from the Intersexed
Author:  Suzanne J. Kessler
Publisher:  Rutgers University Press
ISBN:  0813525306
Publishing Date:  1998
Pages:  208
Format:  Trade paperback

Focusing on intersexuality - having physical gender markers that are neither female or male - the author examines the social institutions that are mobilized to maintain the two seemingly objective sexual categories. She argues that we need to re-think the meaning of gender, genitals and sexuality.

Changing Ones PDF Print E-mail

Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America Third and Fourth Genders in Native North AmericaChanging Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America
Editor:  Will Roscoe
Publisher:  Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN:  0312224796
Publishing Date:  2000
Pages:  320
Format:  Trade paperback

In many Native American tribal societies, it was not uncommon for some men to live as women and some women to live as men. In this land, the original America, men who wore women?s clothes and did women?s work became artists, ambassadors, and religious leaders, and women sometimes became warriors, hunters and even chiefs. Same-sex marriages flourished. Berdaches?individuals who combine male and female social roles with traits unique to their status as a third gender?have been documented in more than 150 North American tribes. By looking at this aspect of non-Western culture, Roscoe challenges the basis of the dualistic way most Americans think about sexuality, and shakes the foundation of the way we understand and define gender.

Transgender Subjectivities: A Clinician's Guide PDF Print E-mail

Transgender Subjectivities: A Clinician's GuideTransgender Subjectivities: A Clinician's Guide
Author:  Jack Drescher and Ubaldo Leli
Publisher:  Haworth Press
ISBN:  0789025760
Publishing Date:  2004
Pages:  162
Format:  Trade paperback

Gain an in-depth understanding of the issues, concerns, and problems faced by transgender individuals .

Transgender Subjectivities is a comprehensive guide for understanding the issues and concerns of the emerging transgender phenomenon. As transgender individuals become more "out" in society, the need to understand their concerns, the problems they face, and the resources available to them becomes rapidly more acute. This book offers a diverse yet coherent view of this ever-expanding field. It provides an overview of transsexual manifestations designed to expose therapists as well as the general public to this actively expanding field.

In Transgender Subjectivities, experts in transgender studies examine historical, theoretical, clinical, and subjective aspects of the transgender experience. The contributors include some of the most respected and experienced clinicians and scholars in the field, such as Aaron H. Devor and Anne A. Lawrence, as well as several cutting-edge contemporary theorists, and a number of eloquent transsexual writers?including Dallas Denny and Griffin Hansbury?giving this book a wide and varied perspective.

Topics addressed in Transgender Subjectivities include:

  • the origin of the "transsexual phenomenon"
  • issues of guilt in the process of self-acceptance of gender nonconformity
  • personal accounts of individuals who have coped with the experience of transgenderism
  • the impact of transsexual transition on the children and partners of transitioning individuals
  • the various manifestations of?and responses to?Transsexuality
  • resource and psychotherapeutic guidelines for specialists as well as non-specialists
  • and much more!

Featuring a variety of voices from case studies and theoretical analyses to personal experiences and reflections, Transgender Subjectivities renders a difficult and expansive subject comprehensible to the novice, while at the same time offering insight and challenge to experts in the field. Not only is this an essential resource for clinicians, but it can also educate the general public about transgender issues, helping to dispel prejudice toward a sexual minority. This compact but wide-ranging guide will make you transgender-literate regardless of your current level of expertise

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism PDF Print E-mail

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism
Author:  Pat Califia
Publisher:  Cleis Pr
ISBN:  1573440728
Publishing Date:  July 1, 1997
Pages:  309
Format:  Paperback

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism is Califia's meticulously researched book based on an astute reading of the available literature and in-depth interviews with gender transgressors who "opened their lives, minds, hearts, and bedrooms to the gaze of strangers." Writing about both male-to-female and female-to-male transsexuals, Califia examines the lives of early transgender pioneers like Christine Jorgenson, Jan Morris, Renee Richards and Mark Rees, contemporary transgender activists like Leslie Feinberg and Kate Bornstein, and partners of transgendered people like Minnie Bruce Pratt. Califia scrutinizes feminist resistance to transsexuals occupying women's space, the Christian Right's backlash against transsexuals, and the appropriation of the berdache and other differently-gendered by gay historians to prove the universal existance of homosexuality. Finally, Sex Changes explores the future of gender.

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