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South African Transgender Links  Index
Links to South African based trans-websites
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Just in Case

JustInCase.co.za is dedicated to the transgendered community in South Africa and all people who wish to understand more about this issue, a friend or loved one.

In the news - African  Index
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Jali: Homophobia inbred (SA)

Prison psychological services director Dr Lorinda Bergh testified she found it startling that no policy had been developed to protect homo- and transsexual men in jail.

South African LGBTI Links  Index
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Jewish OutLook

Jewish OutLook is the new South African Jewish Organisation catering for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered and Intersex Community. It has been formed by a group of dynamic individuals in the wake of the highly successful tour of the film called ?Trembling Before G-D? to South Africa along with its director Sandi Dubowski and the Gay Orthodox Rabbi Steven Greenberg. This highlighted the need to form a LGBTI Group here in South Africa.

FTM/ male/guys' stuff  Index

This list is focused on things that will be to the interest of the guys, like hormones, surgery, packers and all other relevant topics.

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Jay Sennett's blog - (very interresting!)

One of the common phrases I hear from white feminist women is that my now privileged status as a man stems from my gender. I hate this argument . Not because it isn't true, but because it is narrow. So narrow, in fact, that it overlooks/denies/obsfucates race.

Jamison Green

Jamison "James" Green is an internationally respected leader within the Transgender movement. A dynamic speaker and compelling writer, James has appeared in eight documentary films, and received every major award given by the largest national transgender organizations. He is an acknowledged inspiration for thousands of people, transsexual and non-transsexual alike.

In the news - International  Index
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Japanese court rejects transsexual's request to change registered gender

A Japanese court rejected a male-to-female transsexual's request to change her officially registered sex because she already has two children who were born before the operation, a news report said Monday.

Results: 1 - 6 of 6
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